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Here are a few pictures taken from the first ever Outer Rim Regional Tournament.
So sorry only 4 pics currently will see if I can get any more. Don't know if we took more than that or not :)
Pictures courtesy of Kelvin Lok. Remember I forgot to bring my Camera.....

Tournament The tourney scene.
Notice the intense battle going on between Wei Jiun (back to camera) & Hsi Chien and an 'evil smiling' Royal Guard behind them..

Group Group Photograph of all players and our very own Bravo 9.
L-R (top) - Wai Bien, Beng Ti, Kelvin Soo, Hsi Chien, Marcus, Jesse, Kelvin Lok (Bravo Niner)
L-R (bottom) - Aldrin (yours truly), Matthew, Daniel, Gerald
not in photo - Wei Jiun

 1st & 2nd The top 2 Positions.
That's me on the right (notice the walker T-shirt - just love those walkers :) & Matthew "Darth Maul" Ting.

Top Place That's me with my "plastic"
The Tournament Center for your gaming needs.